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Thread: onChange event used on <SELECT> tag

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    hi all, pls help on this if u know.<BR>what i want to do is..<BR>i have 2 select option box. first option box have 4 options for eg. aa, bb, cc, dd<BR>second option box have 3 options, eg. 1, 2, 3<BR>so... what i want is when i choose 1, the first list box will show all the 4 options, when i choose 2, only aa, bb will be available.. and when i choose 3, only cc, dd will be available.<BR><BR>thanks for help<BR><BR>JJ

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    I had the same problem and found a page that uses similar technique effectivley. I still haven&#039t gone through the code. If you you want the code just set up a email address at some free email service and post the address here, I&#039ll email it to you, or goto http://www.mycareer.com.au/employasp/frames.asp?start=employasp/jobseeker/jobseeker.asp and register yourslef as a member and goto update profile page you&#039ll see it uses the same technique.

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