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    Default FileSystemObject and Novell

    I am not familiar with the Novell file system, however I need to write an application that runs on windows with a novell client to access and copy files from a novell volume. I have been reading the Novell developer documentation and keep seeing references as such:<BR><BR>set obj = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject") &#060;got this&#062;<BR>obj.copyfile("sys:nsndirectory?file. *")<BR><BR>but it is never explained what the "sys:nsn" and rest really refer to. For example I have a server named DHS1 with a volume named ADAM. How does the above syntax work with this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default SYS is the default volume

    On a NetWare server, the default volume is "SYS". It is somewhat analagous to the C: drive on a Windows box. There are system files and folders on the sys volume. Most notable are the SYS:SYSTEM, SYS:PUBLIC and (I think) SYS:LOGIN folders.<BR><BR>If your web server has the Novell NetWare client installed (I don&#039;t think the Microsoft NetWare client works very well), you should be able to access the folder using UNC. If you want to access the file Folder1Folder2File.txt on Volume ADAM on server DHS1, you should be able to access it using the UNC path<BR>\DHS1AdamFolder1Folder2File.txt<BR><BR>Jus t make sure you have all the permissions set properly! You probably have to set up an IUSER_MACHINENAME account in your NetWare system. If you are using NDS, you have to set the Bindery Context to the NDS context of the server. You also need to make sure that the IUSER_MACHINENAME passwords are synchronized between NDS and Active Directory.<BR><BR>Warning: I haven&#039;t worked with NetWare for years, so this info may be outdated.

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