I&#039;m a newbie, I have used ASP to create reports from Oracle to the company intranet.<BR>(I am not the webmaster, just contribute to a page on the intranet). <BR><BR>Ok, here&#039;s my question:<BR><BR>So far I&#039;ve done this: User runs a web based report from Oracle database. I only have read access to Oracle.<BR><BR>Now I need to be able to add a flag to reviewed records, so that when a user runs the report, flags are displayed for select records. Again, I don&#039;t have write access to the Oracle database.<BR><BR>How can I get to do the above?<BR>I was thinking to somehow click a button, run the usual Oracle query, then (-somehow, I haven&#039;t done this before!-) update an Access copy of that table. I would add the flags to the Access table which gets updated with new rows everytime the user queries the Oracle db. <BR><BR>Anyone has a better idea?<BR>I would appreciate pointers to similar codes.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rascolnicov R <BR>