I created a cookie to hold the time a user logs in. Later I want to write the log-in time and the time a certain procedure is run to my Oracle database.<BR>If I use <BR><BR> log_conx = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection");<BR> log_conx.Open(MM_Maps_con_STRING);<BR> up_log_rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");<BR> up_log_qry = "SELECT TIME_IN FROM P_ACTIVITY WHERE 0=1";<BR> up_log_rs.Open(up_log_qry,log_conx,1,3,1);<BR> up_log_rs.AddNew;<BR> /* TIME_IN is a date value column in the db<BR> up_log_rs("TIME_IN")= Request.Cookies("timein"); <BR> up_log_rs.Update;<BR><BR>the line <BR> up_log_rs("TIME_IN")= Request.Cookies("timein");<BR> <BR>returns a type mismatch error. But if I use<BR><BR> rsUserLog("TIME_IN") = Date.parse(Request.Cookies("timein"));<BR><BR>it returns a out of present range error.<BR><BR>I need to A) pass my cookie value as a date understood by the ADO Recordset object<BR> or B) let the number of seconds be passed but in a type large enough to hold it<BR> <BR>What do you think and how do I do this?