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    Soren Blidorf Guest

    Default An example of a cookie

    Can anybody show me an example of a cookie. I need something to start with.

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    SkyRider Guest

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    Below is part of my codes using Cookies. It works.<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim tmpCh<BR> <BR>If Request.QueryString("EffortCh") = "" Then <BR> If Request.Cookies("ECh") &#060;&#062; "EMH" Then <BR> tmpCh = 1<BR> Else tmpCh = 2<BR> End If<BR>Elseif Request.QueryString("EffortCh") = "1" Then <BR> tmpCh = 1<BR> If Request.Cookies("ECh") = "EMH" Then<BR> Response.Cookies("ECh") = ""<BR> Response.Cookies("ECh").Expires = Date -1<BR> End if <BR>Else <BR> tmpCh = 2<BR> Response.Cookies("ECh") = "EMH"<BR> Response.Cookies("ECh").Expires = Date + 365<BR>End If<BR>%&#062;

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