I&#039;m having problems getting a cookie to react properly. I have written a cookie from: /davinci/login.asp. I wrote it using a the following function:<BR><BR>sub SetCookieValue(cKey, cValue)<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInfo").Path = "/"<BR> Response.Cookies("UserInfo")(cKey) = cValue<BR>end sub<BR><BR>Later, I try to read the cookie from another page / davinci/lessons/taketest.asp, using the following function:<BR><BR>function GetCookieValue(cKey)<BR> GetCookieValue = Request.Cookies("UserInfo")(cKey)<BR>end function<BR><BR>It always returns an empty string. Does it connect the directory the in use when the cookie was written? If so, how do I overcome this? This is all one app, and the base folder is /davinci, and everything else comes off of that.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jesse