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    hi i am having a problem with small program in asp which is my first one<BR>i am getting error when i am running at browser<BR><BR>Microsoft JScript compilation error &#039;800a03ec&#039; <BR><BR>Expected &#039;;&#039; <BR><BR>/uda/checklogin.asp, line 10 <BR><BR>set conntemp=server.CreateObject("ADODB.connection")<B R>----^<BR><BR><BR>what i am trying to do is connect to the data base and open recordset and check whether my userid and password is existing in the data base and if it is existing i am retreving user type and if the user type="authers i have to call another page .<BR>i dont know whatis wrong with my code.<BR><BR>please help me.

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    Default No such thing as set in JScript

    and it&#039;s Server, not server.

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