Hello,<BR>I am trying to upload text and images through a stored procedure (SQL Server<BR>2000) using aspSmartUpload. I have read the documentation 3 times now for<BR>aspSmartUpload and I can&#039;t figure out how to pass the image from the asp to<BR>the proc. My code is listed below:<BR><BR>__//Tables<BR>tbl_category:<BR> catid int,<BR> catorder int,<BR> onweb bit,<BR> catname varchar(50),<BR> catcode varchar(2)<BR><BR>tbl_image:<BR> imageid int,<BR> imagename varchar(255),<BR> imagedata image,<BR> imagesize varchar(50),<BR> imagetype varchar(50)<BR><BR>tbl_cat2image:<BR> catid int,<BR> imageid int<BR><BR>__//ASP<BR>sub AddCat(onweb, catname, catcode)<BR> set cmd = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")<BR> set rs = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> set cmd.ActiveConnection = conn<BR> cmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc<BR> cmd.CommandText = "usp_category_insert"<BR> cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@category_onweb", adBoolean,<BR>adParamInput, , onweb)<BR> cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@category_name", adVarChar,<BR>adParamInput, 50, catname)<BR> cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@category_code", adVarChar,<BR>adParamInput, 2, catcode)<BR> cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@catid", adInteger,<BR>adParamOutput)<BR> cmd.Execute<BR>end sub<BR><BR>__//SQL<BR>CREATE procedure usp_category_insert<BR>(<BR> @category_onweb bit,<BR> @category_name varchar(50),<BR> @category_code varchar(2),<BR> @catid int OUTPUT<BR>)<BR>as<BR><BR> declare @order int<BR><BR>set nocount on<BR><BR>select @order = max(catorder) + 1 from tbl_category<BR><BR>insert into tbl_category<BR>(<BR> catorder,<BR> onweb,<BR> catname,<BR> catcode<BR>)<BR>values (<BR> @order,<BR> @category_onweb,<BR> @category_name,<BR> @category_code<BR>)<BR>select @catid = @@identity<BR><BR><BR>I tried adding a parameter with an adBinary type and sending it to the<BR>stored procedure, but I eventually gave up on that and you see what my code<BR>looks like. I need to basically do multiple inserts. first insert to<BR>tbl_category, second to tbl_image, third to tbl_cat2image (the join table).<BR>If anyone has any advice other than using the .filetofield method of the<BR>component please let me know. I would like to handle this all through the<BR>proc.<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR>Dusty