Hi there,<BR><BR>I have an Access database with some preprogrammed queries. These are visible when opening the database and selecting the "queries" tab. <BR><BR>We have SQL statements which in themselves call other queries. These work fine when run from Access, but bomb when executed in ASP code. <BR><BR>Here&#039;s an example from one WHERE clause:<BR><BR>-----<BR>WHERE ((([LU_APSR_1]![Anl_Risk])=[LU_Color_3]![ColorID]) AND (([LU_APSR_1]![Anl_ProgrammaticColor])=[LU_Color]![ColorID]) AND (([LU_APSR_1]![Anl_FundingColor])=[LU_Color_1]![ColorID]) AND (([LU_APSR_1]![Anl_SchedColor])=[LU_Color_2]![ColorID]) AND (LU_APSR_1.Year=2002) AND (LU_APSR_1.Month=7) AND (LU_APSR_1.FinRec_ID=228)) <BR>-----<BR><BR>This works fine when executed in Access itself. But when run through ASP, we receive the following error:<BR><BR>"The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query &#039;LU_APSR_1&#039;. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly. "<BR><BR>Does anyone have any insight they can lend? This is all done through a DSN-less connection (there is NO possibility for a DSN connection, so please don&#039;t suggest that). <BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>