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    Hi there, I posted this yesterday but no one replied... please help.<BR><BR>When I try run my ASP code which is querying a SQL database I get the following error:<BR><BR>************************<BR><BR>Tran sfer Aborted<BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Transfer was aborted for unknown reason. Retrying the request may work. <BR><BR><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR><BR>Proxy server at on port 8080<BR><BR>************************<BR><BR>Why am I getting this error? The proxy server is netscape, is it possibly a setting on netscape that could be causing this? This code does work on my local machine but now that Im running it on the intranet box (IIS 5, SQL7) it doesnt seem to work.<BR><BR>Please help me out<BR>Mr.G

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    Default SQL Server doesn't use...

    ...the standard ports (e.g., HTTP, SMTP, FTP, etc.). So if your proxy server isn&#039;t set up to accept requests through the port SQL Server is using...well, of course it&#039;s going to reject what it sees as attempts at illegal access.<BR><BR>How come you are using a proxy server to get to other machines on your own intranet?<BR><BR>Anyway, go talk to your MIS people. See if they can open up the SQL Server port for you. And/or show you how to bypass the proxy server for this request.<BR><BR>

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