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    Default Open a vb exe from ASP

    I want to open an vb exe from my asp page by clicking on alink...<BR>The exe is present on a different machine in the network....<BR>How dod i do it..please help

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    Default Where do you want it to run?

    Do you want the .exe to run:<BR><BR>(A) On the same machine as the browser?<BR>(B) On the same machine as the ASP server?<BR>(C) Or on the machine where the .exe file currently is?<BR><BR>If (A), then this is not an ASP question. You have to find a way to make this work *from the browser*. How hard/easy this is depends on whether the .exe is on your LAN or is just on some arbitary machine on the internet.<BR><BR>If (B), then yes, you can use ASP to do this. *Providing* that the .exe is on the LAN with the ASP machine (and providing that the "permissions" are all set right and and and...).<BR><BR>If (C), then I dunno how you do this, short of making the remote .exe a DCOM component and invoking it via DCOM. I don&#039;t know how you get the other machine to respond to a request from the ASP machine, unless it&#039;s a server of some kind that is just waiting for requests like this.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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