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    I just got a new machine with win98 and a newer version of pws than i had installed from the frontpage98 cd on my old machine.I would like to use the new pws but my question is can i install asp.exe from the fp98cd on the new pws or do i have to download it? How can you tell if asp is installed on the pws?

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    in the inetpub directory there will be one wwwroot directory. so, on to that directory make one file with .asp extension and in that file write the following code <BR><BR>&#060;%=response.write("hello testing 1-2-3")%&#062; <BR><BR>and then save it . do not forget to save it with .asp extension.<BR><BR>now, run the file on any explorer with the following URL. <BR><BR>http://localhost/yourfile.asp<BR><BR>(yourfile is the name of the file typed by you)<BR><BR>if you can see "hello testing 1-2-3" then PWS is perfectly installed.<BR><BR>and for your information ASP.exe is not there. it is ASP.dll which converts the ASP code into HTML.

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