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    I am sending email via CONDTs but I want to take this one step further. Here is the example to help explain it.<BR><BR>I have a site, so when I want to send email, I just create the mail off of that server. What Iwant to do is fill the form out at but then in the back end of that send that information to and send the email off of that server without ever leaving that site. <BR><BR>The round about way was gonna do it, is just have that page in directory and just redirect to it. But then the user will see I have left the site by looking at the browser. I really do not want them to know they left the site.

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    If I understand you corectly you want the form on but you want the script to execute on If this is the case you could use a frame to mask were the redirect is going to. If you used a thank you message that redirect&#039;s them back to a certain page after they submit the mail you could use that redirect to break out of the frame.

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