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    TRANSFORM sum([tblEMS].FTE) AS XBox SELECT [tblEMS].AcYr FROM [tblEMS] WHERE ((([tblEMS].AcYr) Between 1999-00 And 1999-00)) GROUP BY [tblEMS].AcYr PIVOT Dept<BR><BR>The above SQL gives me an EOF or BOF error, I was just wondering if in the SQL the 1999-00 and 2001-00 need to have quotes around them. If not, can anyone see what if anything in the SQL would be responsible for the error.<BR>Thanks

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    well <BR>the eof or bof are not errors unless you try to access the recordset and its empty.<BR><BR>I am not familiar with transform. <BR>But this part cannot be right. (it can, but in that case you are over my head)<BR>((([tblEMS].AcYr) Between 1999-00 And 1999-00)<BR>I would consider ((acYr &#062;= 1999) AND (acYR &#060; =2000))<BR>

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