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    I need three list boxes that are populated based on conditions. The 1st will have geographical locations (e.g. US, Western Europe, Caribbean, etc.). If Western Europe is selected, the 2nd should be populated with the countries within Western Europe. If US is selected, the 2nd list should contain Regional, Super Regional, and National. If the 1st is US and the 2nd is Regional or Super Regional, the 3rd should contain, for example, NE, SW, etc.<BR><BR>I have my SELECT tag defined for the 1st list box. At first I tried building a subroutine called cboCountries_onChange(). (I&#039;m using VBScript) When I would make a selection in the 1st box, nothing happens. I then tried adding onChange="cboCountries_onChange" to my SELECT definition. Nothing happened when I made a selection in list 1. I tried onChange="call cboCountries_onChange". Nothing happened.<BR><BR>How do I get ASP to recognize my onChange event?

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    Try clearviewdesign.com/newbie for an example of this.

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