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    I am using ASPSmartUpload which works well for me. I need to do one thing which I am having some trouble. The application user can upload up to 3 files ( 1, 2 or 3 depending on the new record). Each file will be a jpeg/gif and each one will be a different picture type - referring to the subject of the picture). Each file box (HTML input file control) is labelled and it refers to the different picture subjects which I need to separate before I can write the info to a database.<BR>My question: How can I tell them apart when I use the ASP code (For each file in newUpload.Files)? Example: File1 is a platform pic, file2 is a part pic , file3 is a part in vehicle pic ...<BR>Thank you<BR><BR>

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    Default What do the docs say?

    Surely there is *SOME* way other than a FOR EACH loop to get all the uploaded files from the code.<BR><BR>If this is the same code that&#039;s been floating around since 1999, then it uses a Scripting.Dictionary object to hold the references to the files (and another to hold the references to the form fields). <BR><BR>So just get a ref to the dictionary object and then do<BR> dictName("xyz")<BR>to get a particular file, where "xyz" is the name of form field that the file came from.<BR><BR>But look in the docs. Or, at worst, the code. It&#039;s not huge code, if it&#039;s the one I&#039;ve seen before. You should be able to decipher it.<BR><BR>

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