I&#039ve seen code that is suppose to render an Exchange account&#039s calendar to the web, but I keep getting errors. This is the code I was trying.<BR><BR> &#039Consants for the container renderer<BR> &#039Time zone constants for the US<BR> const CdoDefaultFolderCalendar = 0<BR> const CdoTmzCentral = 11<BR> &#039Container constant<BR> const CdoClassContainerRenderer = 3<BR> <BR> &#039MyServer&#039 &#039MyMailbox&#039<BR> strProfileInfo = "MyServer" & vblf & "MyMailbox"<BR> Set objSession = server.createobject("MAPI.Session")<BR> objSession.Logon "", "", False, True, 0, True, strProfileInfo<BR> objSession.SetOption "calendarstore", "outlook"<BR> Set objRenderApp = Server.CreateObject("CdoHTML.application")<BR> Set objCRenderer = objRenderApp.CreateRenderer(CdoClassContainerRende rer)<BR> objCRenderer.TimeZone = CdoTmzCentral<BR> objCRenderer.DataSource = _<BR> objSession.GetDefaultFolder(CdoDefaultFolderCalend ar).Messages<BR> Set objView = ObjCRenderer.Views("Daily Calendar")<BR> objCRenderer.CurrentView = objView<BR> objView.RenderAppointments now, Response<BR><BR><BR>Actually the code had Amhtml.dll instead of Cdohtml.dll but I found out that cdohtml.dll is just a newer version of Amhtml.dll . Anyway, that&#039s were the code seems to break. When it tries to create that object [ Set objRenderApp = Server.CreateObject("CdoHTML.application") ]. We are running our web server on one machine and our exchange server on another. So the web page is on the web server and can&#039t see the dll file (not sure if it should or not). Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? My goal is to be able to display a certain calendar to the web to be viewed and updated by one person using Outlook. <BR><BR>BTW... we are going to have limited control over the exchange server. It&#039s being taken over by someone else.