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    Im putting together a WSH in VBscript that will open an EXE, define a few settings, and minimize the active EXE window.<BR><BR>This works well, so far. Problem is, when I reach the point where I have to set a few settings, the dialog window thats open has some bizarre tab index settings. There&#039;s 5 "controls" - the 2 that I need access to are NEVER given focus, not when the dialog is called, and not when I try to get to it using the TAB key. But, if I mouseclick the control I need to get to, ive got focus, and I can use my SendKeys method to do what I need to do.<BR><BR>All that having been said, I need to "mimic" moving to the control, then mimic a mouse click, (and do it again, cause i cant TAB between the first and second controls I need to bring into focus).<BR><BR>I havent seen anything with this functionality in WSH. Am I spinning my wheels?

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    Default I don't see how... can do this unless that EXE allows you to "script" it.<BR><BR>If it allows that, then I suppose you could do it by simulating the click EVENT for that field?<BR><BR>I know you can construct and fire events in the browser, using the DOM, but to do this with a ".exe"??? Shudder. I guess you&#039;d have to figure out how to fire Win32 events. I can only offer my sympathies in this regard.<BR><BR>

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