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    I can&#039t figure out how use redirect to a URL via a blank browser window in the following:<BR><BR>if ([0].selected)<BR>location=&#039goto.html&#039<BR><BR> I&#039ve used parent.location successfully, but blank.location doesn&#039t seem to work.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    I didn´t understand very well what do you wanted to mean,I I hope I won´t write something that has nothing to do to your doubt.:)<BR> You can´t use location=&#039goto.html&#039 you must write something like top.document.location,href="goto.html" if you are in the actual page and wants to go somewhere.Moreover I do not know if the if statement you wrote is right.If you want to redirect to another frame, must put something like this: top.frames[number of the frame].location.href="URL"<BR> I hope I could help you

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