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Thread: Imail and IIS5.0

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    Default Imail and IIS5.0

    Up til a few days ago we had two PC's one for email using the IMail software, and a pc with IIS 5 on it. We have combined them onto one machine, exept that IMail software over rides the SMTP ability of IIS. Is there a way I can send email off the web server using CONDTS now that the Imail software has over ridden that part of IIS, basically preventing the IIS server from sending mail

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    Default is that what you want to happen?

    if not, you can just reinstall SMTP mail services from the Win2K Cd.<BR><BR>Otherwise, and I&#039;m not 100% sure about this, but just give sending an email a shot using CDONTS. As long as you have a valid SMTP provider, it should send without a hiccup.

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