Normally, I would create this type of form... where a user can select from a<BR>drop box Race 01 through Race 36. Where for example Race 21=Race21 (my<BR>column heading in my table.) Then I would call this query to produce a<BR>report.<BR><BR>However, if i can change my form to accept a different value I could utilize<BR>this form better. For example...<BR><BR>Assuming my column headings are the same in my db... Race21, Race22, Race23,<BR>etc.<BR>Change my drop box to read Race 21 = 21.<BR>Can I somehow have the word "Race" preprinted in my response and the value<BR>of the form submission, in this case "21", plotted next to Race so the<BR>result would leave "Race21" and call the correct column in my table?<BR>(Race+21 = Race21)<BR>