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    Hello guys.<BR><BR>I have a piece of code that runs a stored procedure on an MS SQL Server 2000 db. Lately I&#039;ve been getting the following error message:<BR><BR>Category = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server <BR>Description = Procedure or function check_email has too many arguments specified. <BR>Filename = /1stFamily/adohelper.asp <BR>Line Number = 57<BR><BR>I am positive that the arguments I am specifying are the right amount, so this error msg is pretty weird. I am wondering if anyone knows of any other circumstances whereby this specific message shows up. Here&#039;s more of my code:<BR><BR>Descr = Array(Array("@Email",adVarChar,adParamInput,100,oM atch.SubMatches(3)),Array("@Company",adVarChar,adP aramInput,100,oMatch.SubMatches(2)),Array("@retval ",adInteger,adParamOutput,4,""))<BR><BR>Call db.ShareConnection(cmd,"check_email",Descr,OutArra y)<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>

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    how come?<BR>

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