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Thread: two dimensional array help.

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    I`m in desperate need of some tutorials or explanations of two dimensional arrays. I am getting confused with this subject and want to understand more about it. i`ve found a few bits on the subject but they`re assuming you understand the basics. I need to know how to declare, add to, and read a two dimensional array. Begginner level i`m afraid.any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I had an excellent link on 2D arrays that explained them from the ground up...And I can&#039;t find it now. :( <BR><BR>Multi-dimensional arrays are often something people have the hardest time getting their brain around. However, once you understand how things are laid out in memory in an array, they are much easier to conceptualize...<BR><BR>This should help with conceptualizing of a 2D array...<BR><BR><BR>Here&#039;s another one on understanding how arrays work. It starts with one dimensional arrays so you&#039;ll have to scroll a bit<BR><BR><BR>And this also illustrates the basics of 2D arrays...<BR><BR><BR>Do a search on "VBScript" + "Two-Dimensional Arrays" to find more if you&#039;re still uncertain.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s one more...<BR><BR>

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