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    is it possible to take a url, such as:<BR><BR>and get it broken up into different variables, such as<BR>var1 = "folder"<BR>var2 = "dir"<BR>var3 = "1"<BR>where the variable lengths might be changing in different parts of the site. If so how would be the best way to do it? using left, right and mid?

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    Default Split

    ArrayOfFolders = Split(strURL, "/")<BR><BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(0) &#039; "http:"<BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(1) &#039; ""<BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(2) &#039; ""<BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(3) &#039; "folder"<BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(4) &#039; "dir"<BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(5) &#039; "1"<BR>Response.Write ArrayOfFolders(6) &#039; "index.asp"<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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