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    Further to my questions earlier:<BR><BR><BR>I how found the following:<BR><BR>Which takes data from a db and uses tokens to create HTML files. Has anyone done this or have further information on how to do it?<BR><BR>TIA, Tom.

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    Default ASPFAQs, category The Nature of Things

    The link to the ASPFAQs is at the top right corner of this page, just so you can find answers to FAQs such as this one.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll help you out:<BR><BR><BR>So, as you were told, you "simply" have to invoke your ASP pages with every possible set of inputs that your users might be interested in. And generate one file-on-disk per such set of inputs.<BR><BR>But all that does is get you lots of HTML pages. *NOW* you still have to figure out how to link to the appropriate page from the preceding page.<BR><BR>E.g., if you were displaying employee records, on "page1.html" you might ask for the employee name. Then your ASP page would show all the info for that employee.<BR><BR>Now that you are limited to HTML, maybe the best you can do is name all those HTML pages by including the employee&#039;s name in the page name. And then you have to change your "page1.html" so that, instead of always going to "showEmployeeInfo.asp", it uses the name from the form to do something like this (in JavaScript):<BR> location.href = "showEmployeeInfo_" + TheForm.EmpName.value + ".html";<BR><BR>Which, of course, fails if the user types in a name that you didn&#039;t already construct an HTML page for. So you probably want to use a &#060;SELECT&#062; list instead of letting the user just type in the name.<BR><BR>IN SHORT... There sure as heck isn&#039;t any *universal* answer. It depends *SO* much on what your ASP pages are doing now. And there aren&#039;t even any easy "pre-canned" answers.<BR><BR>p.s.: To give an example of something that would be *incredibly* tough to do via ASP-to-HTML-files conversion:<BR><BR>You have a form where the user can ask to search the database for a word and display all documents where it is found in the title or description.<BR><BR>You have a form that allows you to view sales totals for any number of weeks, starting on any week in the last 5 years and ending at any other week.<BR><BR>Do I need to go on?<BR><BR>

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