Is it possible for me to run a class in an access database from a vb program through ado?<BR><BR>&#039;*******<BR>&#039;code<BR>&#039;* **********<BR>With cn<BR> .CommandTimeout = 240<BR> .ConnectionString = strConnect<BR> .Open<BR> End With<BR> <BR> com.ActiveConnection = cn<BR> With com<BR> <BR> .CommandText = strProcname<BR> .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc<BR> <BR> End With<BR> Set rsme = com.Execute(strProcname)<BR>&#039;***************< BR>&#039;end code<BR>&#039;**************<BR>And if so can I pass parameters?<BR><BR>Or is there a way with SQL in access to fire a sub in access?<BR>Basicly I want the database to give me back an Array that I want to contruct and not just a recordset. <BR><BR><BR>I can access a stored query with this code.<BR>