Provider error ' 80004005' Unspecified Err

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Thread: Provider error ' 80004005' Unspecified Err

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    I am getting this <BR> "Provider error &#039 80004005&#039 Unspecified Error"<BR><BR>at line.<BR><BR>Actually, when the asp page is opened for the first time, it works. But throws the above error, when I open same page again or refresh. I am using DSN-Less connection. I am opening the connecion in asp & not in the Global.asa. I hope that shouldn&#039t hurt.<BR><BR>Anybody please help.<BR><BR>somu<BR><BR ><BR>

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    It should not happen, even I use the DSN-less connection in my asp pages and doesn&#039t give me errors. Can you send me the code where you are instantiating the connection object, may be there is a problem in the code itself.<BR>

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