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Thread: Dynamicly generating mailbox names from DL

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    Hi! I wrote an ASP app. using CDO to present the contents of public OL calendars as a web page. I&#039ve set up various distribution lists and have anywhere from 5 to 20 people (OL mailboxes) in each list. My application will present a one business week view of each person&#039s calendar depending on which distribution list has been selected. So, I need to first indicated what DL has been selected and then pull out each mailbox within the DL. Also, what I would need to do is set up a loop so that each group member&#039s info. store will be accessed. (ie, strProfileInfo = ServerName + vbLF + MailboxName - where MailboxName will be diferent each time the loop runs for each member.) I&#039m lost, I don&#039t know how I can pull this off. Any ideas anyone?? Thank you in advance.

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    I am actually trying to do something sim. to that. If you find out any information, would you mind sending it to cchavis@usa.net? Thanks!!

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