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    Hi,<BR>I am trying to learn ASP.NET And .NET Component. One thing I am not so clear about is that. In .NET when we write a component we are no longer writing a DLL we now using a Class.vb file. What I do not understand are the following.<BR> 1 Isn&#039;t that we&#039;ve done this in the pass using Window Scripting Component.<BR> 2 What if I want to host my COM in a dedicate server will class alone do it? or I have to wrap this in a COM + Application like we did in the past.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Duc

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    When you write with the .vb code behind files you will generate a dll in the bin directory of your project. The .aspx files and this dll are what you really need to put on your web server, you shouldn&#039;t have to put your .vb files on the web server. There shouldn&#039;t be to many reasons to use COM unless you are adding a legacy component.

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