Facts:<BR>-Windows Prof2000, IIS5, SqlServer2000 Developer<BR>-Set the SPTimeout Property to 60 in the Registry.<BR>-Specified "OLE DB Services = -1" in my connection string.<BR><BR>In VB6:<BR>Just made a button that establishes a default ADODB connection to a database in SqlServer and then releases it. I thought that this should apply the formula N=C(P+1) to create N number of Session Pools within the specified SPTimeout period. So that if within 60 seconds I establish 2 or more connections to the database, that exactly 2 Pools will be created since I have only 1 microprocessor and each of the connections were made by the same set of credentials (C).<BR><BR>The problem is that using perfmon I see that I can&#039;t get the session pool to climb above 1. If I hit the button that establishes the ADODB Connection a zillion times within the first minute it still won&#039;t go to 2, like I though it should. Either I have "MagiCOM" :) or those second, third, fourth...n connections aren&#039;t actually being made, or I don&#039;t know what I am doing.<BR><BR>Thanks