Are there any threading in asp programming?

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Thread: Are there any threading in asp programming?

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    Default Are there any threading in asp programming?

    If I update a application variable at one user session, and I want all other session automatically update the application variable and write it as output without refreshing the current. How can I do that?<BR>Thank you.

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    You are not thinking about how HTTP works.<BR><BR>With HTTP, the browser (or any HTTP client, but let&#039;s keep it simple) must *ASK* the server for a file. It passes certain info to the server, which the server *may or may not* use in figuring out what to send back to the requestor.<BR><BR>In any case, the server sends back a response.<BR><BR>And then the connection between client and server IS COMPLETELY LOST! Gone. Forgotten. BY BOTH SIDES.<BR><BR>So, now, tell me... How is *ANYTHING* on the server supposed to be able to "write [it] as output" to one of those clients that it has long since forgotten about?<BR><BR>Only the client (the browser) can initiate an HTTP transfer via a request.<BR><BR>The server can *only* respond to the request.<BR><BR>Period.<BR><BR>

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