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    I have looked around the web and found nothing about using Pivot tables using office web components. <BR><BR>I have seen tutorials on 4guysfromrolla.com about charting and creating a standard spreadsheet via the owc component but nothing about pivot tables.<BR><BR>If anyone know of any web resources about this please let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Isn&#039;t a Pivot table just a matrix transformation? If so, it&#039;s probably quite easy to do it without resorting to Office Web Components to do it.<BR><BR>Anyway...<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/off2000/html/xltocobjectmodelapplication.asp?frame=true<BR><BR> Clicking on "Worksheets" gives a collection called "PivotTables" which you can probably work with to do what you want...<BR><BR>That help?<BR><BR>Craig.<BR>

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