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    I have eleven check boxes next to eleven of my combo boxes. The purpose being that if an item is selected in the combo box and the checkbox is then clicked, the checkbox value would be set to the text in the combo box. What I have found is that if one checkbox is click all is well. When another is selected the previous checkbox goes back to its original value. Why is that?<BR><BR>function getCheckboxValue(listbox, checkbox) {<BR> <BR> //alert(checkbox.name)<BR> //alert(listbox.options[listbox.selectedIndex].text)<BR> checkbox.value = listbox.options[listbox.selectedIndex].text; <BR> <BR>}<BR>

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    Default Makes no sense...

    ...show more.<BR><BR>Show how you invoke the function. Show at least some of the checkboxes and &#060;SELECT&#062;s [which are *NOT* "combo boxes", by the way, since a combo box allows *either* a click selection or typing in an entirely new choice].<BR><BR>

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