I am having trouble finishing up a page with Drag and Drop. The project is a page where I display 24 thumbnails. I allow the user to drag and drop up to 6 of those into a “selection” area. The selected thumbnails then show. When they are done, they will push a command button where I will forward those 6 images to a new page. Most of this works. First the details, then the problem.<BR><BR>I have a asp.net page (.aspx) with some javascript functions that handle the drag and drop of the asp:images. In the drop function I am able to successfully capture the image source and store it into an asp:label using…<BR> lblx1.innerHTML = srcObj.src;<BR><BR>The url of the image dropped shows up in the label box as the images are dropped, so I know I am getting the information.<BR><BR>The command button that gets pressed whrn they are done selecting looks like….<BR>&#060;asp:Button id=”cmdViewLineup” runat=”server” OnClick=”cmdViewLineup_Click” &#062;&#060;/asp:button&#062;<BR><BR>The subroutine looks basically like this, which is in my code-behind page (.aspx.vb)<BR>Sub cmdViewLineup_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)<BR> ….<BR> Label5.text = lblx1.text<BR><BR>The problem is that there seems to be nothing in the lblx1.text field when I get to the command button. I have spent way to much time chasing in circles and finally decided to ask for help. How come I cannot get access to the value that I see on the screen once the command button is pressed. I may be a “client processing” vs “Server processing” issue, but this solution works really slick – just 1 step away.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>