What I&#039m looking for is a way to encrypt a standard URL from:<BR><BR>http://www.domain.com/results.asp?ID=100315<BR><BR>to something like this:<BR><BR>http://www.domain.com/results.asp?ID=w%96%9Ei%7D%9D%AE%91%B7%ACf%86%C4%A C%CA%90%96c%A1%9D%8F%89%B2z%92<BR><BR>This will be used for database queries, and designed for individual record security. (ie. So that someone could not just enter the ?ID=recordnumber). I&#039ve read the article by Derrick on Encrypting the Information Passed through the QueryString but I&#039m new to ASP and I&#039m not sure if I get it. Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>