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    I built an Inranet system, which stores quotes into a db, after sending the files across tot he client who installed it, Everything was working sweetly.<BR><BR>Then they wanted to add a &#060;textarea&#062; to store notes, so in my build I had included blank fields which were for this very reason, they were all set to text fields. <BR><BR>I amended the insert statement which now inserts the info from the &#060;textarea&#062; into the database without a problem however, on the process.asp page were it displays the quote the notes were not being displayed. So we changed the field back to a text field and hey presto it display the notes.<BR><BR>Has anybody else had this problem and how did you get round it?<BR><BR>On my test version which is online using the internet, in respect no different to there Intranet the display works fine....as a memo field, the problem seems to be only on their Intranet<BR><BR><BR>We are lost to the relms of this problem

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    Default The problem's a common one.

    In fact, it&#039;s in the ASPFAQs - link in the top-right:<BR>http://www.aspfaqs.com/aspfaqs/ShowFAQ.asp?FAQID=80<BR><BR>Craig.

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