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    I&#039m working on an Intranet that has a lot of company procedurers etc held as word documents on it. I&#039ve been asked if I can come up with a search engine that searches these documents as well as the html ones. The documents filenames, title, etc are stored in a Database, with the files them selves on the server in a shared drive. Does any one have any ideas on weather this is possible? If so how?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Pete

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    Yes. Use the MSOFFICE Object Library MSO97.DLL Reference and paste this code in.<BR><BR>Experiment with the setting of the FileSearch Method<BR><BR>Sub FindFiles()<BR> <BR> With Application.FileSearch<BR> .LookIn = "C:\"<BR> .SearchSubFolders = True<BR> .FileName = "*.doc"<BR> If .Execute > 0 Then<BR> For x = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count<BR> rs.AddNew<BR> rs.Fields(0) = .FoundFiles(x)<BR> rs.Fields(1) = (FileLen(.FoundFiles(x)) / 1000) & "K"<BR> rs.Fields(2) = FileDateTime(.FoundFiles(x))<BR> rs.Update<BR> Next x<BR> Else<BR> MsgBox "None found."<BR> End If<BR> End With<BR> <BR>End Sub

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