I&#039;m attaching a delete button to my datagrid to give users the ability to delete records from their data. I&#039;m coming up with an error in my sub:<BR><BR>BC30456: The name &#039;Item&#039; is not a member of &#039;System.EventArgs&#039;.<BR><BR>Here&#039; s my code:<BR><BR>Sub doDelete(sender as Object, E as EventArgs)<BR>Try<BR> Dim ID as String<BR> sender.EditItemIndex=-1<BR> ID = mydatagrid.datakeys.item(e.Item.ItemIndex)<BR> Deleterecord(ID)<BR> BindData()<BR> Message.Text="Status: Delete Successful"<BR>Catch myException as Exception<BR> Message.Text = ("Exception: " +myException.ToString())<BR>End Try<BR>End Sub<BR><BR><BR>Any Ideas?