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    Does anyone have any good web links that shows different database schemas as examples? <BR><BR>I am trying to create a system that reorders products and tracks the entire history of each step the product undergoes till it is back in stock.

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    Have you tried MS Access?<BR><BR>When you create a new datbase using the in built wizards, it takes you thru and lets you customize the tables for different applications. I think the one of the wizards takes you thru stock control and inventory, and another takes you thru invoicing and ordering. It may take you a couple of goes to get it close to what you want, and you may need do some work to get it to exactly suit your need, but it could be a good start. Then if you want to use a different database like MS SQL Server you just export the tables.<BR><BR>However there is nothing like getting down and working out yourself to get an exact fit. You would start out by working out your entities, and then you just need to decide what parameters you want to store for each entity.

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    Default Yep...I *think*....

    That the NorthWind sample database has stock levels in the Product table. I know that the SQL Server version does....

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