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    I also have the question related to the using Array in the ASP.<BR><BR>Suppose I have created an array during the page processing in a vbscript function at the client side. And i want it to be get back into the Session Array that i have created in the Global.asa file.<BR>I tried to put it into the Session Array in two ways and get two distinct errors<BR><BR>First is:-<BR>vbscript function <BR>array creation during the local processing<BR>now i want this newly created array into the session array<BR>Session("SessArr")=Arr<BR>Here Arr is an array.<BR>Got the Error Type Mismatch because Session is not identified by the browser.<BR>Second is:-<BR>&#060;% Session("SessArr")%&#062;=Arr<BR>the error is Statement Expected because the browser does not consider serverside tags<BR>and the result is <BR>=Arr<BR>Would you like to help me in rectifying my problem<BR>How Can i get the values of the local array in the Session variables<BR> <BR><BR>

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    Well,<BR><BR>The best I can come up with is putting the array into a string separated by some values, then submit or pass the string to another asp page and do your parsing back into an array and stick it in session.

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