ASP is dark...another developer drops out!

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    I invite all my friends to discuss a few facts here about ASP.<BR>This is an ASP message board and I realize that lot many ASP fans will get something bad<BR>as I proceed. but shouldn&#039;t we be reallistic?<BR><BR>I am an ameteur ASP developer who learnt this language for my satisfaction about the<BR>&#039;dynamic-ness&#039; of my web works. I don&#039;t claim that I have learnt everthing in the past<BR>one year since I started ASP, but some dark sides about it are really pessimistic.<BR><BR>What i think is, if you want to do petty jobs, like connecting to databases, <BR>running counters etc the language is fine but what about the advanced features?<BR><BR>1. The first thing i wanted to do (in which I got disappointed was sending mail.)<BR>ASP needs components... what the hell! I always like my works to be visible to the<BR>world. My web host is really co-operative in nature but there are limits. He does not<BR>like to execute my instructions of running regsvr32 etc again and again just to keep me happy.<BR>Why something like CDONTS is not built in the IIS. Someone would say, yes yes with the SMTP service it is there. Uh? But what would I develop applications on my computer for test, if I like Win-XP. What the hell that CDONTS does? <BR><BR>2. Second problem is the POP mail, any other way to receive mail without those components<BR>like Zaks POP 3 etc. I don&#039;think so. ASP is dark! Okay my web host registered it for me<BR>on his server.<BR><BR>3. I wanted my website viewers to upload some files/pictures etc on my space online.<BR>No..No! You need a component to upload your files like smartaspupload.dll. I created my<BR>own component malikftp.dll. My web host said "I wont register it for you", he was fed up<BR>by my daily questions and regsvr32 requests. Okay another way is Scripting but there is a checklist of components that must be installed with your IIS. Can&#039;t this work be a little bit simpler?<BR><BR>I&#039;ll cut short my story here, none of us has enuf time to read all this. Just to close, compare all this with some other language e.g. Cold Fusion.<BR><BR>POP, SMTP, ftp, http, file tags everything is built in, no Microsoft clumpsy ways of components. databse access is much easier. You have many fancy controls like Data Grid, Tree View with multiple styles and skins all BUILT IN! Only one thing you need is JVM. All of us know that java is Java and it&#039;s cool.<BR><BR>Microsoft who has earnt a great name by creating ALWAYS the buggy products, has been playing with<BR>the developers, I offered my free services to a well-known website, but...the GM said, we don&#039;t<BR>think Microsoft is reliable. So is ASP. We are hiring a guy with PHP experience. Another one whom I offered volunteer services said to me the same things.<BR><BR>Sorry to say, I am migrating to Cold Fusion/PHP. Coz I know working with ASP is no experience, it&#039;s like a professional way to destroy my time.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>MIMalik<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default RE: ASP is dark...another developer drops out!

    some would say that the modular nature of the ASP framework - (note 1 : asp is not a language) is actually an advantage. don&#039;t blame a framework itself for the lack of installed support from your host. If you have a full-featured ASP server you can do just about anything you like, but you probably had a shared hosting account which naturally would lack some features.<BR><BR>Go for it - migrate to PHP or ColdFusion (yeeeeuch! ColdFusion?). If you&#039;re more comfortable with it, that&#039;s great. perhaps ASP isn&#039;t right for you.<BR><BR>by the way, did your ASP host have ActivePerl installed? you can write ASP in activePerl and have SMTP, POP3, NNTP, blah, blah, blah - everything perl offers. didn&#039;t think of that? too late.<BR><BR>

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