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    Hi guys.<BR>I know this might sound like a very stupid question, but please tolerate my ignorance as I am only a new kid on the block with SQL Server and similar.<BR>I am learning ASP.NET and am currently using Web Matrix (looks like a great tool for learners and it is FREE) with MSDE component that runs like a SQL Server, but it doesn&#039;t have Query Analizer or any of that great stuff which comes with the full version (costs $2000, thanks very much, but can&#039;t afford it).<BR><BR>So, anyway, I have downloaded some application examples and they all say "run this .sql script to create table, or database..."<BR>How do I do that?? Do I run it from my .aspx page or what?<BR><BR>I have tried to find an answer everywhere, but this is probably very obvious so no one bothers explaining it... If ANYONE could help, I would be very grateful! Thanks.

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    open it with FSO and read it into variable strSQL<BR><BR>objConn.execute(strSQL)<BR><BR>(or the .NET equivalent)<BR>

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