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    This one has me quite confused.<BR>I&#039;m using Dreamweaver MX, and when you set up a database connection with it it puts the info in an include file. In my case, the connection is called "coursereg" (as in "Course Registration") and the include file is /Connections/coursereg.asp. There is no way to change this as far as I know.<BR><BR>The rest of the files are in a subdirectory, /coursereg/, and they need to access the include file. Dreamweaver did it like this: &#060;!--#include file="../Connections/coursereg.asp" --&#062; However, upon uploading to the internet server (we are using an external company as a host) I got an error saying "../" wasn&#039;t allowed.<BR><BR>OK, fine, so I tried this: &#060;!--#include virtual="/Connections/coursereg.asp" --&#062;. This seems to be working some of the time, and other times I get an Include File Not Found error. It&#039;s got me baffled.<BR><BR>After some testing it appears as though when I load a file straight-up (without going through the application, so there&#039;s no QueryString) then it can find the file... however when I access it normally through the interface that I&#039;ve built (and there IS a QueryString) then it gives an error. Am I on the right track here? Can someone help?<BR><BR>By the way I have talked to my host about that "../" problem and I&#039;m waiting to hear back.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    You are saying that you are in directory A and a child of directory A is Directory B?<BR><BR>If this is the case then do this..<BR><BR>&#060;!--#include file="Connections/coursereg.asp" --&#062;<BR><BR>However I don&#039;t know if you are saying that you are in Directory A and want to backstep to the directory that is the parent of A and then proceed forward with including that file.<BR><BR>Does this help?

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