I&#039;m expanding a FrontPage site (that I made) with .aspx pages that I program with C# scripts. I’ll admit I have a lot to learn, and I’m reading like crazy right now, almost overloaded by it all. I want to design a file download system to allow customers to download files from our site. They are small files with extensions like .RSS and .DNT that are used in control systems. <BR><BR>I thought I had a solution...I had my web host enable web browsing on a folder called "Customers" and all its subfolders. I could re-direct the customer to their folder where they could select and download a file. The only functionality I had to build was an authentication system in my web that would check a username and password they entered and then redirect them to their folder. But the problem was, I found that anyone could type the path to that folder from any browser. But protecting the folders meant that after I re-direct them, they still have to enter a username and password that pertains to my web host’s system. This kind of killed this method. <BR><BR>My new idea is to authenticate a user then populate a list box with that customer’s file names and allow them to select a file and download it. Can someone tell me what controls and functionality to use? I’m sure populating a list box with file names is simple in C# but is it easy to do it in an ASP.NET script and display the results on the web page? And my biggest question, how do I initiate a download to the user’s hard drive of the file they selected? I’d sure appreciate some direction here.<BR><BR>