I know that you can find any control inside a datalist EditItemIndex by using the datalist&#039;s update command and having the function look like:<BR><BR>Public Sub DL_Update(sender as object, e as DataListCommandEventArgs)<BR><BR>then inside the function use e.item.findcontrol(control name) to get access to the control. I was wondering if anyone knows how to access a control without clicking an "update" button. I.E. the user has a drop down list inside the EditItemTemplate, and the drop down is set to auto post back, and when they select a new record from the drop down, I want a label to update with information corresponding to the item they&#039;ve selected. If they select a user name, I want the phone number to be displayed, for example. The problem that I&#039;m having is that if I try to do a DL.FindControl(control name), I get an error at runtime. I can&#039;t think of any other way to reference the datalist and find either of the two controls. Has anyone had a similar problem? Any help will be much appreciated!!