I&#039;m occasionally getting a problem where FileSystemObject deletes a folder but it doesn&#039;t seem to quite go away ie it&#039;s like a ghost of the dead folder. This causes a permission denied error in the executing script when trying to recreate that folder (cannot force an overwrite with folders).<BR><BR>code bit:<BR> If objFSO.FolderExists(strPathToFolder1) Then objFSO.DeleteFolder strPathToFolder1,True<BR> If objFSO.FolderExists(strPathToFolder2) Then objFSO.DeleteFolder strPathToFolder2,True<BR> objFSO.CreateFolder(strPathToFolder1) &#039;# Error: Permission denied<BR> objFSO.CreateFolder(strPathToFolder2)<BR><BR>It&#0 39;s very odd. The phantom folder cannot be deleted manually either, through windows explorer. It&#039;s properties read 0k so all the files it contained are deleted. When you try to open or delete the folder itself, I get an error saying cannot read/write source or some such.<BR><BR>The only way to remove it is to restart the computer, then hey presto it&#039;s been exorcised. <BR><BR>Is this just my development machine not coping quick enough with the script, or is there some way of preventing this? I know one way is to loop through all the files in the folder and delete each individually but that seems less neat than deleting whole folder and recreating it. As I said, it only happens occasionally.