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    I want to let my users add their first and last name in a form, and then I want to pass this on to an internal search engine. How can I modify the user input before I post it?<BR>I want to make the names<BR>- All uppercase<BR>- Add a percent (%) to the end<BR><BR>All help appreciated!<BR>Regards, Dag (Norway)

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    Im not sure exakly what you want but to make a name all uppercase do like this:<BR><BR>Name = UCase(Name)<BR><BR>Now, if you want to add a % after the name do this:<BR><BR>Name = Name & "%"<BR><BR>Now the Name will say "ANDERS%" if the name from the beginning was "anders".<BR><BR>Hoppas det hjälpte en aning.

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    Hjertelig takk / Thanx

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