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    Hi Gang,<BR>I am passing a lot of parameters in a URL on the client side script, the problem is if one of the parameter has a special character say like the "#" , then I loose the value for the next few parameters. Is there an way to prevent this? Something like "URL ENCODE"<BR><BR>When I alert(DEBUG) my string this is what I get the following:<BR><BR>strURL = Verify.asp?MarketingOrgID=700&ManufacturerID=TMFR& CustomerBillToID=004500&CustomerShipToID=1111&Purc haseOrderNumber=#PONumber&filePath=&Status=&com=Ad dInvoice<BR><BR>I loose the parameter com=AddInvoice on the next page. If there is a # sign in the PoNumber. If I take off the # it all fine.<BR><BR>Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated<BR>Thanks a lot<BR>Bjohn

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    Default escape( ) in JS ...

    ...is the same (nearly) as Server.URLEncode( ) in ASP code.<BR><BR>Be careful that you *ONLY* escape() the *values* and not the names and = signs used in the building of the QS.<BR><BR>I might note that if you built the QS using a &#060;FORM Method=Get&#062; it would do all this right, for you.<BR><BR>

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