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    Default Sort File List?

    I have a routine that displays folder names, and allows the user to click on them to download them. Problem is that the folder&#039;s appear in almost random order. How can I sort it before displaying the list? Here&#039;s the code I&#039;m using so far:<BR><BR>Dim objFolder<BR>Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(HomeFolder & cDir)<BR><BR>&#039; If I found a lesson.ini file in this folder, then it&#039;s a lesson folder,<BR>&#039; we need to zip up the contents for download<BR>Dim objFile, lIsLesson<BR>lIsLesson = False<BR>For Each objFile in objFolder.Files<BR> &#039;Print out the name<BR> if UCase(objFile.Name) = "LESSON.INI" then<BR> lIsLesson = True<BR> Exit For<BR> end if<BR>Next<BR><BR>if lIsLesson then<BR> cDir = Replace(cDir,"/","\")<BR> Response.Write "Click &#060;a href=frmDownload.asp?Path=" & Server.URLEncode(HomeFolder & cDir & "\") & "&Name=" &_<BR> Server.URLEncode(cDir) & "&#062;HERE&#060;/a&#062; to download " & cDir & "<BR><BR>" &_<BR> "Once you click on the above link, there will be a short delay while the files are zipped, " &_<BR> "then you will be asked where to save the file."<BR><BR>else<BR> &#039; Use a For Each ... Next loop to display the folders<BR> Dim objSubFolder, cDir1<BR> For Each objSubFolder in objFolder.SubFolders<BR> &#039; Print out the name<BR> if cDir = "/" then<BR> cDir1 = ""<BR> else<BR> cDir1 = cDir<BR> end if<BR> Response.Write "&#060;img src=Folder.gif&#062;***&#060;a href=gmil.asp?Dir=" & Server.URLEncode(cDir1) & "/" &_<BR> Server.URLEncode(objSubFolder.Name) & "&#062;" & objSubFolder.Name & "&#060;/a&#062;<BR>"<BR> Next<BR>end if<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.

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    Default ASPFAQs, category FileSystemObject

    The link to the ASPFAQs is at the top right corner of this very page, so you can find answers to FAQs like this one.<BR><BR>Look in the named category for an FAQ that is relevant to your question.<BR><BR>

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    Default Hey Bill...

    could you take a look at my onclick() post that is 2 down from this one. I want to know what you think?? Bad idea or what to use an alert box to tell the user the link isn&#039; able to be accessed...<BR><BR>thanks alot!!

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