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    Hello, I posted my questions to this forum on 08/04. I still haven&#039;t seen it posted. Perhaps I clicked the wrong button, and it never did send. Here I go again. Thanks for the gracious service to helping people out.<BR><BR>This is a simple project with functions like "add", "modify", "search"..etc. It worked before, but I&#039;m seeing errors after this project being moved to another server and site. The asp programming everything is kept intact, and just the sql to the database and path had revised. The errors:<BR>1) Timeout expired.<BR>This error shows up after I filled in info. on the "add" page.<BR>2) Page can not be displayed.<BR>This error shows up after I filled in info. on the "modify" page. There is no proxy server.<BR><BR>There is more errors, but I&#039;ll stop here for now. I&#039;ve tried to fix for 3 weeks. It&#039;s embarrassing with such a simple project.<BR>Thanks.

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    Things to check<BR>1) Database is where you think it is!<BR>2) Connection string points to that place<BR>3) The pages are all there.

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